Your Health,
Our Priority

Digitally Driven Healthcare Delivery.

Who we are

Yomoh Health Limited is a social enterprise that seeks to provide quality healthcare services to clients through the use of technology and accessible linkages. Our flagship innovation, BridgingSpace is a social impact cause that utilizes technology as a tool to solve critical problems in mental health.

Our Story

Our purpose is to solve problems in the health community with a social impact.

Mental Health problems come in different faces sometimes with unnoticeable changes. It could be just anyone perhaps a friend, colleague or loved one. Evident-based practices and low cost interventions will aid in developing policies and deliverables aimed at creating synergy and sustainability. Bridging Space which is a social impact innovation by Yomoh Ltd, that utilizes technology as a tool to solve mental health challenges.

Our Philosophy

We use technology and other paraphernalia as a tool to connect clients to Health Care Providers for quality medical care.


Our vision is to create a world where quality healthcare services can be obtained just by tapping on screen all in real time.

Core Values



We provide clients with affordable and safe healthcare delivery by using a digitally driven ecosystem to enable them access our medical services.


Your health, our priority

BridgingSpace by Yomoh Health Limited was listed as one of the Top 30 Most Inspiring digital innovations.



“Yomoh is an innovative healthcare solution. It addresses the challenge of access to medicare and I must commend the efforts of the Yomoh team for this ingenious idea"
Onuh Gabriel
Abuja, Nigeria

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