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About Us

Founded 2016 and incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, we are a for-profit Organization with experienced professionals who possess the right skills and knowledge to deliver quality healthcare services to our clients.

Yomoh Health Limited is a for profit organization existing as a social enterprise. Our work primarily involves making use of technology and accessible linkages to provide quality healthcare servicesIn summary, we use technology and other paraphernalia as a tool to connect clients to Health Care Providers for quality medical care. Our flagship Product is BridgingSpace

Bridging Space is a social impact innovation that utilizes technology as a tool to solve mental health challenges.


Our flagship project, BridgingSpace primarily involves making social impact cause by using technology as a tool to solve critical problems in mental health.

Objectives of BridgingSpace

  1. To provide counseling and therapy for individuals affected by mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and abuse through our mhealth app that interfaces clients with therapists.
  2. To provide holistic services such as general medical advice & referrals (access to healthcare linkages & providers), hosting of online content, life & soft skills trainings and e-books.
  3. To provide communities in Nigeria with mental health education/hackathons.
  4. To belong to the team of government & private healthcare deliverables

Following the flag off of the BridgingSpace project, the following has been achieved over the course of the year 2019.


  • YOMOH has partnered with companies, non-profit organizations , support groups and media houses including CeSAHA, Carelife Character Foundation, SunRise Youth Intervention, The Lifthub, Correct FM, Stilt, Mind Health Initiative, MANI, YALI Network, amongst others in order to enlighten members of the society especially youths on the dangers of suicide, depression and other mental health related issues. Depression and suicide are more prevalent in the youths thus making them the focal point of this organization.
  • YOMOH organised school outreaches and awareness programmes as a means of promoting mental health education, hackathons and also developing strategies for solutions. The organisation visited schools and also organized programmes where youths and children in secondary schools participated and shared their views, asked questions and got adequate answers.
  • Her online platform serves as  a safe space for young people to talk about their insecurities and get help was developed. On this platform there is an opportunity for people to ask questions about pressing mental health issues and in turn get answers to help them tackle them. The organization will launch its app in 2020 so as to enable those that are not within its inception area to connect online with professional counsellors and get the necessary help.
  • As part of its achievements, BridgingSppace was incubated into a venture capitalist company “Faster Capital” to develop a mental health app “BridgingSpace” which interfaces users with therapists. The mobile app will serve as a safe space for those who need therapeutic sessions and counselling on depression and other mental health related issues.

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The organization is looking forward to offering better services, partnership’s and collaborations in order to reach out to those who are plagued with thoughts of suicide, depression and other mental health related issues amidst the COVID-19 pandemic affecting communities worldwide