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Lewis Fadipe, Ajah,

Lagos State; Nigeria

Your Health, Our Priority

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Who We Are

we are an organization with experienced professionals who possess the right skills and knowledge to deliver quality healthcare services to our clients.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world where quality healthcare services can be obtained just by tapping on screen all in real time.

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Mission Statement

We provide clients with affordable and safe healthcare delivery by using a digitally driven ecosystem to enable them access our medical services.

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Experienced Doctors and Consultants

We have a network of the most qualified doctors, consultants and health care providers in Africa with several years of quality training and experience in various medical fields and areas of specialty

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Our Services

24/7 emergency

If you are experiencing a medical emergency contact us immediately. For all other medical issues we offer 24 hour healthcare at your convenience.

Medical checkup

By thorough examination, our medical practitioner examines patients for any possible medical signs or symptoms of a medical condition.


We dispense and prescribe medications to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions.

Nursing Services

Our nursing service is the part of the total health service which aims at satisfying the nursing needs of patients/community

X-Ray Service

We carry out diagnostic x-rays services to detect fractures, tumors and other physical conditions.

Intensive Care

We provides treatment and monitoring of patients who are in very critical conditions.

Why Choose Us?


We are committed to providing customers with products and services that are of high value which ensures a rewarding customer experience, our growth and the future of our employees


Access to quality healthcare is a universal human right, and everyone should have equal access and opportunity.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to afford our customers with excellent service delivery through quality products, efficient services, innovation and continuous feedback resulting in value to the customer and company


We are constantly innovating in order to provide an excellent & rewarding experience for our customers by leveraging technology for  improvement and seamless access to cost effective products and services


We execute our business with sound judgment. We  operate our business with fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Patients Served

medical professionals

Lives Saved

Community service projects


Onuh Gabriel

Yomoh is a very innovative and reliable solution in the health industry. I was able to access timely medicare all thanks to their innovation. I must commend this revolutionary idea aimed at saving lives.