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Yomoh Health Limited is a for profit organization existing as a social enterprise whose work primarily involves making use of technology and accessible linkages to provide quality healthcare services.  In summary, we use technology and other paraphernalia as a tool to connect clients to Health Care Providers for quality medical care.


Our flagship Product, BridgingSpace is a social impact cause that utilizes technology as a means to solve critical problems in mental health.


To provide clients with affordable and safe healthcare delivery by using digitally driven ecosystem to provide access to a network of health care practitioners.

Bridging Space App


Our vision is to create a world where quality healthcare services can be obtained just by tapping on screen all in real time.


Objectives of the Company

  1. To engage in and provide medical and allied health services as well as health referral services.
  2. To provide channel for clients to connect with health and wellness professionals.
  3. To engage in hospital and medical laboratory/diagnostic and allied services.
  4. To engage in the sales, supplies and distribution of general healthcare products and services.
  5. To engage in general contracts and general merchandise and the provision of general healthcare services.
  6. To do all such other things as may be considered incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

Objectives of Bridging Space

  1. To provide support and counseling for affected individuals in mental health through a Mobile App that interfaces clients with therapists.
  2. To provide communities in Nigeria with mental health education/hackathons.
  3. To provide sustainable solutions to mental health issues through accessible healthcare linkages & providers.


  1. To belong to the team of government & private healthcare deliverables.

Our Services

  • Coming soon
  • Bridging Space App

    • Founder/Chief Executive Officer
    • Head of Medical Operations
    • Head of Media and Publicity
    • Head of fitness & wellness
    • Head of Standard and Quality Assurance/Marketing
    • Chief Technology Officer